Friday, August 19, 2016

New Server Documentation - Part 2

My second server documentation video is posted.

I posted the first video last week - HERE.

As you can see, a big piece of "documentation" consists of  keeping track of what you're doing.

When your computer arrives, you already have a pouch for holding documentation. Now you add to that the collection of paperwork and software that ships with the server. This includes the packing slip, which has the serial number for your server.

We also open the machine to inspect the inside. And we're going to grab a label-maker and label the physical drives. It's handy to know which slot they're going to live in - and the date they were placed into service.

Next week I am posting a review of the HP MicroServer. The week after, I'll have a video on documenting the actual installation and configuration of the server.

Stay Tuned!

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