Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nothing Happens by Itself . . .

For more than ten years, pretty much every presentation I've made has included a slide that says

Nothing Happens By Itself

Now, after extensive research, I'm happy to produce a new book that outlines every known exception to that rule. It's called Success That Happened without Any Effort. It is available today at SMB Books. Soon it will also be available on

PLUS this bonus: Your order includes a FREE download of the audio book!

A great gag gift for family members, business associates, and anyone who thinks that "success" comes easy. This is a gag gift filled with completely BLANK pages.

A great book to keep on your coffee table for guests. Excellent conversation starter. Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, this makes a great gift.

This thoroughly researched book contains detailed information about the real world of "easy success." Includes detailed case studies of every known example of successes that happened without any effort whatsoever. This is a 100 page book consisting of scary copyright warnings, followed by blank pages. There is one page for your personal notes at the end.

And here's the biggest bonus of all . . .

If you order the PDF or Audio version of this book before June 15, 2016 you will receive BOTH for FREE with the coupon code FreeBlankBook.

So why not join in the fun? Go right now to and order your free book today!

Hurry Hurry Hurry.

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