Friday, November 13, 2015

Monthly Maintenance Checklist - The Most Important Checklist in a Managed Service Business!

My latest SOP video for Managed Service Providers is out! The topic is The Monthly Maintenance Checklist.

In the last video ( I gave an intro to the MMC. In the new video I go into some detail about what's included and why.

View the latest video here:

Next week I'll go into detail on the "Monthly Single" mentioned here.

If you want more details and samples, you can search for the word "Monthly" at and you'll see the full SOP blog posts for the MMC and the Monthly Singles.

If you want a full ten-page description with samples of Monthly Maintenance Checklists for both Managed Service Clients and non-Managed Service Clients, you can find that over at here:

You might also want to pick up a FREE copy of the 68-point checklist at under the FREE section. There's a huge overlap between the 68-point checklist and the monthly maintenance because they both focus directly on the overall health of a client's (or prospect's) systems. So the things you'll check as a prospect's office will be the same things you check on once they're a paying client. Why? Because these are the most important things you need to focus on.

Sorry to overwhelm you with links, but there you are. Have fun!


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P.S., In you want a super-deep dive into checklists, check out the class being taught by my brother Manuel and me starting November 24th: The Most Important Checklists for Any I.T. Service Provider.


This course covers a long list checklists - with detailed examples and downloads.

Details as always at


  1. Great point. We have a monthly review checklist for each site, and for those that are virtualized, this includes the task of applying patches to Hypervisors and migrating hosts (on the two sites w/HV clusters) and rebooting said hypervisors. Most of our sites do have backup to Datto (and its integrated, automated snapshot verification), but even for them, we try to get at least an annual "failover drill" going. Thanks KP.


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