Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Video: Performing the "Monthly Single" in Addition to the Monthly Maintenance

The last few SOP Videos (see have been about the Monthly Maintenance Checklist. This week we cover the Monthly Single.

What is a Monthly Single? Simply put, it's one single task that you perform across all your clients to make sure they are all guaranteed to have that thing done. For example, you might log into every firewall, backup the configuration to the server, apply all updates to the firewall, and back up the configuration again. Once you do that at every client, you can feel confident that there's one more thing you don't have to worry about.

You will need to create a specific procedure for each of these Monthly Singles, and then store them in a place so you can find them and repeat them in a year or so.

Some things (like testing backups) are critically important and need to be done every month. Others (like stress testing the UPS batteries) are important but only need to be done about once a year. The second group are good candidates for Monthly Singles.

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  1. Even with the best RMM in place, some things still must be done manually. A monthly review of server event logs by human eyes always helps!


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