Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reporting from MAX 2015 in DC

Here's a summary of the blog posts I did reporting on the MAXfocus partner conference - MAX 2015 in Washington DC over the last week.

MAX 2015 - Leading the Way

MAX 2015: Day one – Big data, strategy, and motivation

MAX 2015: Ryan Morris – Strategic and steady wins

MAX 2015: Day Two – More big data, roadmap announcements, and practical applications

MAX 2015: Paul Dippell – Get narrow to get profitable

MAX 2015: Day three – Money, money, money. . . and strategies

PLUS I recorded a lot of podcast material. So stay tuned for a number of podcasts. Those will be over at SMB Community Podcast -

The first podcast is already posted. It's a teaser from Joe Panettieri on an new thing he's launching Tuesday, Sept 15. Check it out here:

Joe Panettieri Spills the Beans on #E2E – Almost

. . .

And the world keeps spinning!


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