Saturday, August 01, 2015

MAXimum Messaging - A Great Example of Consistency

My keynote presentation at MAXfocus 2015 in Melbourne was about branding. I could have used MAX - and the whole LogicNow organization - to demonstrate the importance of consistency in messaging.

One of the books I mentioned in that talk was The Way You Do Anything Is The Way You Do Everything by Suzanne Evans. It is both a call for consistency and an encouragement to do higher quality work with more focus.

Monica Caraway mentioned to me that she was impressed with the consistent messaging from all the MAXfocus employees. They use the same phrases, the same themes, and speak with the same sense of optimism and excitement about where their products and company are headed. This wasn't well-practiced phraseology. It was clearly a reflection of the company culture.

It's always refreshing to hear people who are "set free" to say whatever they want by corporate employers. There's an amazing correlation between companies who do that (e.g., LogicNow) and employees who have a very positive, uplifting view of their company's products and services. The other best example I have of this is Microsoft. Their employees aren't judged based on public statements, and sometimes they criticize their own company. But I always feel like they're being honest and that they love their company.

I know many examples of companies who tightly control what their employees say and who is allowed to say it. Sometimes I walk around the vendor floor at events with a recorder and ask each vendor to state their name, their company, their web site, and why we should do business with them. You'd be amazed at how many people tell me they are not authorized to do that. WHAT? You've been hired to work a tradeshow booth, but you can't give one sentence on why we should work with you?

Congratulations to the entire team at LogicNow/MAXfocus for building a team that truly loves their jobs!


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