Sunday, March 29, 2015

Promotion Monkey - Affordable Promotional Strategies for SMB

After a great deal of preparation, we are pleased to announce the launch of a wonderful program for SMB IT Professionals. Promotion Monkey provides a simple program to help you keep your company's name in front of your clients and prospects.

One of the greatest weaknesses for small companies is marketing and promotion. Even if they know what to do, they don't have time to do it. I love Robin Robins and have received her materials for more than ten years. But I have to admit that I don't always do all the things I know I should be doing.

Our goal with Promotion Monkey is to help you 1) Commit to regular promotional activities, and 2) Make is easy for you to step up to the next level of professionalism with your company brand.

Promotional products are items branded with your company’s name, logo, or message.  Some you see all the time, like pens and notepads. Some you never think about, like coasters or t-shirts. Look around your home and office and you'll see lots of examples.

Problem #1: Most money spent on promotional products is literally thrown away. You know this is true. Just look around your office. How many “great” give-away gifts do you keep, display, or use? One? Two? None?

Most promotional products that people KEEP end up in one of two places: Their Kitchen or Their Office. And here’s the really good news: Where do most small business decisions get made? The home kitchen, or the office.

A bad give-away gets thrown away. A good one will be around forever.

Problem #2: Getting started can be a confusing mess. And therefore . . . most people never get started.

Anyone can go on the internet, search for a product, and find 10,000 items to buy. And you can guess which is the best deal, and which is the best company to work with. And you can fiddle with your logo, find out about production schedules, and go through all the details. You'll talk to people who don't have time to answer your questions about printing options, dealing with low-res images, etc.

Lots of people do it all the time. So can you.

But you’re busy. And you end up NOT doing all that work to get a great promotional item because there’s a steep learning curve. And you don’t know if you’re working with a company you can trust.

Please let us take the hassles away. We’ll vet the products. We’ll order them with your logo and tagline. If there’s a problem, we’ll take care of it. If it’s the wrong color, wrong size, or your logo’s printed backwards, that’s our problem. We’ll handle it.

Bundles Make It Easy

We started out with a simple premise: We want to help you find good, usable products at a reasonable price with no hassles. There are two major components to that.

First, we've create "bundles" so that you can get started without doing massive amounts of research. We have two kinds of bundles. Quarterly bundles change every three months. You buy in at a specific price point (e.g., $500) and you will receive a different selection of products with each shipment. Unless you change your logo or tagline, we've got what we need to automate the process.

Event Bundles will focus on specific marketing activities you might engage in. For example, I'm writing a white paper on how to plan and execute a successful educational seminar for your clients (such as a lunch-and-learn event). I'll be giving away the white paper and we'll have pre-packaged bundles of branded merchandise to support your seminar.

This is great for you because WE'LL do the work to find products that make sense in small quantities. After all, you don't need 100 coffee mugs for a 15-person seminar. We're also developing bundles for golf tournaments, client appreciation, and more.

The second thing we're doing is taking on the hassles and details. We'll take your logo and tagline, and WE'LL order the best products and manage all the details of production and delivery. We deal with manufacturers. If something goes wrong, we argue with the printers or shippers or whoever.

Yes It Costs Money

Most small businesses don't have a budget for marketing - but you should! It doesn't have to be large, but you need to do something.

One of the great weaknesses in marketing is the tendency to stop and start, and to be inconsistent. We want to provide you with a regular stream of marketing materials that’s just the right size for your business – at an affordable price.

Our bundles are priced at $300 per quarter and above. That's less than one hour of labor per month for a technology consultant! We think that's a very easy way to get started with regular marketing. That means you do something every month, every quarter, all year long.

Remember: Most people don’t need your services most of the time. How will you make sure they think of you on the day their other I.T. Consultant disappears? With promotional products!

Free Gifts

To demonstrate the quality of the branded items we're looking at, I want to send you a a great free gift.

It’s NOT a cheesy, crappy gift you’ll throw away. It’s a nice gift that you might pay $20 for—plus shipping. But we don’t even charge for shipping.  Just go to and look for the “special offer” on the right side of the page.

In addition, we have a great introductory offer. For the first one hundred people to sign up, we are offering a 10% discount on the published prices PLUS 100 pens imprinted with your company's name and tagline. To get that discount, you need to enter the code Promo2015 at checkout.

Sign up today and save!

Goes Great with Everything

Even if you are already signed up for a program from Robin Robins or another marketing coach, Promotion Monkey can be a great place to buy your branded products.

Take you lumpy mail to the next level!


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  1. As you mentioned, a bad giveaway gets thrown away. This is essentially throwing away money. It's worth investing more in something you know your customers will keep and actually use.


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