Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Final January Webinar - Migrating off Windows 2003 Servers - Zynstra, HP, Hybrid Clouds

PLEASE don't miss our final January Webinar with Zynstra on Thursday, January 29th at 9:00 AM Pacific!

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All month long, we've doing webinars with the Zynstra Hybrid Cloud team to explore how you can generate massive new revenue in 2015 with Zynstra Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Each week we've gone deeper into the Zynstra appliances. We've done a test drive. We've looked a pricing configurators. And we've answered lots of questions.

Tomorrow we're going to do a little Windows Server 2003 themed workshop. Windows Server 2003 is at "End of Life" this year and yet 40% of the servers out there are still WS03. What's your solution?

The agenda is:

- Recap on Zynstra and their principle deployment partner MyCloudMSP

- SBS and WS2003 - Intro and "Is it a real opportunity?"

- Explore Options for those still on WS03 (Transaction or as a service; On premise or in cloud; How to decide?)

- Qualifying best approach for your customers

- Audience feedback on opportunity

- Generating a proposal

- Technical Q & A

This is particularly timely since HP just announced "Operation Crescendo" to capture $1 billion in sales for HP and their partners. Microsoft has vowed that the world is really coming to an end for WS03 on July 14, 2015. See the CRN article here:

Previous Webinars

You can view two of our previous webinars on my YouTube channel, including the webinar from last week on the size/price configurator tool. The videos are here:

Webinar 1 - Hybrid Cloud Opportunities with Zynstra

Webinar 2 - Hybrid Cloud Opportunities

Join us and find out why Hybrid Cloud simply IS the way technology will be delivered from now on.

January 29th
9:00 AM PST

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