Friday, January 09, 2015

Webinars: Hybrid Cloud Opportunities - with Zynstra

Hybrid Cloud Opportunities - with Zynstra

Yesterday we held our first of four webinars on nurturing Hybrid Cloud Opportunities with the Zynstra cloud appliances.

Please join us each Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific for the remaining webinars - Free:

Jan 15 - 9 AM PST

Jan 22 - 9 AM PST

Jan 29 - 9 AM PST

Register for Free:

Join me and the Zynstra Hybrid Cloud team to explore how you can generate massive new revenue in 2015 with Zynstra Hybrid Cloud solutions. The January calls will demonstrate the Zynstra Hybrid Cloud solutions, talk to U.S. partners who are currently making money with Zynstra, and conclude with an "open forum" to answer all your questions.

One registration is good for all four calls.

Join us and find out why Hybrid Cloud simply IS the way technology will be delivered from now on.

I've enjoyed working with Zynstra for the last 18 months or so. Join us for the Channel Program Kick-Off and Let's Get This Party Started!

Not "Just" a Replacement for SBS

One of the topics of discussion in the SMB community for the last five years has been the "replacement" of Small Business Server. When you start from that perspective, you miss a great deal about what's changed in technology in the last 5-10 years.

Think about it: If you were to design the perfect small business network today, would you put Active Directory, RDS, Exchange, SQL, IIS, file storage, and backup all one one box? I don't think so!

Our cloud offering, since late 2008/early 2009 has consisted primarily of
- Local storage
- Local backup mirrored to the cloud
- Hosted Exchange
- Hosted Web site(s)
- Separate servers if clients need Exchange, SQL, etc.

We are excited about the Zynstra Hybrid Cloud solution because it fits right in with everything we're already doing.

Machines exist as VMs, completely autonomous from one another. So you can join them to the domain and migrate services over one at a time as needed.

The bottom line: You can put each service exactly where it works best.

The Recorded Webinar

Yesterday's webinar is recorded and you can view it here:

That should also bring up lots of other suggested interviews regarding the Zynstra family of appliances.

Have fun!

If you have questions, please join us for one of the other webinars in January.



  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Look forward to this. Are there any technical overviews available apart from the salesey things on the website?

  2. Great question, Anon.

    Next Thursday, Zynstra is going to take a tour using one of their "sandbox" servers. It will be live on the live server. You can schedule time on a sandbox server, configure VMs, etc. Just make arrangements with Rhett or Andrew.

    Rhett Ryder ([email protected])

    Andrew Morlidge ([email protected])

    Last year a special North American Zynstra Advisory Panel (ZAP) met every week to talk about the technology. Virtually all worries or concerns disappeared once members completed their walk-through on the sandbox.

    - karlp


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