Friday, May 23, 2014

Join a VERY Cool Advisory Panel for a New Product - The Replacement for SBS

Support for the Server 2003 generation of operating systems ends next year - including SBS 2003.

We've been replacing these units with a combination of on-premises and cloud-based technologies. Now it's time to take that to the next generation.

I have the honor of running a new American Partner Advisory Panel for a company called Zynstra. They are based in the UK and have developed a series of great Cloud Appliances that they will be introducing into the North American market.

I want YOU to be part of it.

The product/service basically a cloud-managed appliance for for the SMB Market. The ideal end user is 5-250 users - virtually your entire client base. The ideal client will probably need some computer power onsite, and use backups and other services in the Cloud. The SMB IT Appliance can efficiently operate a wide and complex range of local workloads while integrating with public cloud services/SaaS solutions through Single Sign On.

We are looking for 10-15 partners to participate in a special program. It will involve

- Reviewing an NFR "demo" unit

- Training on the unit and installing in at your office

- Installing a unit at a client's office and configuring with appropriate licenses

- Participating in feedback (emails, surveys, forums)

- We'll help you produce a case study of your customer success (good P.R.)

Overall, we need folks who are willing to make a commitment and have the bandwidth to successfully deploy a unit within the next three months. The rewards are excellent - including some amazing incentives you've never seen before.

We think we need to get about 100 applicants to pick the 10-15 participants. So if you think this is the right thing for your company, please fill out this quick survey and we'll get in touch with you.

We plan to move very fast so that Zynstra can hit the ground running with a number of success stories under their belt by the end of the year.

You can also express your interest by sending an email to me ([email protected]) or [email protected]. Just know that we'll get in touch with you and try to get the information requested in that form.

More Info

Here's a bit about the SMB IT Appliance. You can educate yourself about Zynstra at

The SMB IT Appliance provides your business with:

- Web Based Console: Multi-tiered, health monitoring and administration

- Automatic Updating of Operating Systems and Managed Applications

- Automated Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery option

- Single Sign On to Applications: Cloud credentials validated from on-site master

- Office 365 Integration: SSO synchronisation and backup of Onedrive files and .OST’s to the appliance

- Managed Applications: Gold image kept current, performance monitored and SPLA licensed (optional)

- IAAS Virtual Server containers: Supporting self-managed Windows or Linux virtual machines. (optional)

- Local Security Management: Multiple firewall layers, AntiVirus and  Intrusion Detection

- Network Gateway: Delivering DNS/DHCP, web proxy/cache and content filtering features.

- File and Print Management: Local print services, user/group shares and local backupUser Identity Management: Active Directory based Single Sign On and end user interface

- User Identity Management: Active Directory based Single Sign On and end user interface

- Multi-Site: Delivering VPN connections over standard internet or MPLS (optional)

- Resilient Cluster: High availability local infrastructure to support growth and provide enhanced resilience. Scales as required (optional)

Thank you everyone.

Comments and questions welcome!!!


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