Monday, May 19, 2014

GFI Launches Web Protection Service

I got a memo today from Caroline over at GFI Max.

They're going to be launching a new service called Web Protection as a new feature in GFI MAX RemoteManagement.

Here's the info:

From the RemoteManagement dashboard MSPs will soon be able to deliver web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring.

Web Protection, based on the integration of award-winning GFI WebMonitor, allows MSPs to extend their services and grow revenues further!

MSPs can combine Web Protection and Managed Antivirus with Patch Management to offer clients complete protection from every security angle.

Protect clients' users from web-based security threats using Web Protection:
  • Web Security: Reduce Risk! Stop your clients' end-users from accidentally visiting malicious sites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and SPAM.
  • Web Filtering: Help clients' employees stay productive with common-sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace. Protect the business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach through proactive internet access controls.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring: Be automatically alerted when there's excessive bandwidth activity on a network so you can remediate quickly and maintain productivity.

And here's the "Coming Soon" video with Product Manager Brian Mackie. Check it out.

Available as a "Release Candidate" in June and will be fully released in July.

Dave Sobel from GFI tells me that they're about to reach a major milestone for partners. This kind of feature set will certainly make it easy for them to get to 10,000 partners!


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