Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Need Your Feedback on Pricing

Please Take 60 Seconds to Give Some Feedback

I am working on a new service offering. I am debating between several options. So I decided to ask for some feedback AND provide you with the answers so you can use the research to help you set pricing for lower-end recurring services that you sell.

Please visit:

I have five pricing options there. Please rate each with 1-5 stars and then select your favorite. You will instantly see the results page. I will add some cumulative data to the results page as it grows, so you can just bookmark that page for later reference.

More and more, products and services are being purchased on a recurring basis with a credit card. You can speculate about how people would like to have things priced, but you might lose a lot of sales if you pick the wrong pricing model. Below are five pricing options for a moderately priced service. Please enter your preferences. We display the aggregate answers from all respondents after you complete the form so that you can use this information when you consider how to price your recurring services.

Please encourage your friends and business associates from any field to fill out this form. The more responses we have, the more likely it is that the results represent the broad audience of buyers.

And of course I'll report my results here.

Note: This research does not need to be limited to I.T. consultants! All participants are welcome. The broader the audience, the better.

Thank you!



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  2. Josh Parker1:42 PM

    No comment on the price, only the time period. I would suggest adding a 6 month time period for clients initially signing up with the service. Gives clients solid time to use the service with out having to commit to a full Year.

  3. Thanks, Josh. You might even have a three month and six month option. Depends on the service.

    For managed services we have a minimum that's long enough to guarantee we break even.


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