Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Most Popular Blog Posts of the Last Month

Last January I posted the most popular posts from the previous month. I find it interesting what people choose to read. In the last month I've posed 12 blog posts at Four of those were "SOP Friday" posts. But the most recent posts are not always the most popular.

I've written 180 posts on this blog in the last year. 52 of those were SOP Friday posts. That series has become very popular, so it's no surprise that it dominates the traffic.

Here are the most read blog posts from the last Month:

#1 = SOP Friday: Employee Onboarding from Dec 14, 2012
One of the current SOP Friday articles. Employee-related stuff always seems to be popular.

#2 = Microsoft Announced the End of of SBS from June 5, 2012
This is the biggest post of the year and is finally dropping off the #1 spot for the month. That's appropriate since it was probably the biggest announcement of the year for the small business space.

#3 = Joe Panettieri: You're Killin' Me, Man! from June 14, 2012
This is a shout-out to one of the great bloggers in our space. Lots of great information.

#4 = SOP Friday: Hiring vs. Outsourcing Technicians from Dec 7, 2012
Another SOP Friday article on employees.

#5 = SOP Friday: Labeling Equipment (etc.) from Nov 23, 2012
This is a popular topic, even though it doesn't get a lot of press. Nerds love labels. For some businesses, labels are the only documentation they have!

#6 = SOP Friday: Building a Business Plan for Your I.T. Company from Dec 28, 2012
A very recent post. We'll see what kind of staying power it has. I am betting this will be a perennial favorite. The daily hits remain high.

#7 = SOP Friday: Disaster Recovery - Simple Restores from Nov 30, 2012
DR is another topic that's always popular.

#8 = End of Year Sale - And $2 Shipping - at SMB Books from Dec 18, 2012

#9 = SOP Friday: Helping Clients with Audits - Security and Insurance from Dec 21, 2012
This is another topic that I think will be popular for awhile. In fact, it may become more popular as small businesses are regulated more - which seems to be our future.

#10 = Earn a FREE Copy of the New Managed Services in a Month from Dec 7, 2012

Traffic to this site is now largely generated from my own domains. The SOP Friday page at ( is the most popular "entry page" at and the most popular source of traffic to the Small Biz Thoughts blog. Overwhelmingly, people are now starting at my web site or blog and then poking around there for awhile.

Other than my own sites, I get a fair amount of traffic from Facebook and And of course Google brings in a lot of visitors. As you might imagine, I'm doing well on a number of search terms related to "SOP" and "Standard Operating Procedures" (especially when combined with computer, technology, or management).

As a new year begins, I am grateful for all the visitors and readers. If you ever have any suggestions for how I can improve this blog, please let me know.

Have a great 2013!


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