Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Podcast: HIPAA Compliance Certification

I had a great chat with Scott Barlow from Reflexion the other day.

A few people had mentioned Reflexion's HIPAA training. So I thought I'd ask Scott what it's all about.

We had a great interview - about 20 minutes. It is extremely educational.

I am going to get this certification by the end of the year! Seriously. If you work with anyone in the medical professions, including insurance, you should get this training.

Unbelievably low priced . . . and you can resell it to your clients.

Get all the details on this Interview with Scott Barlow on HIPAA training over at the SMB Community Podcast site.


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  1. HIPAA training is not only important for healthcare personnel but also for employees of other industries like lawyers, insurance agents, and the like. Therefore, employees looking to work in any such industry must consider getting a HIPAA certification. Possessing a certification implies that you have undergone the training and are knowledgeable about the various rules, regulations, laws, penalties and other features of HIPAA.

    If you are trained, you will definitely be better and more efficient at your job. Ignorance of the HIPAA laws means putting the provider, patient, and yourself at risk. You are responsible for ensuring that the patients' sensitive medical information is protected. The easiest way to get your certification would be to do it online. All you need is a PC and internet connection.

    HIPAA Training


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