Saturday, December 01, 2012

Nominations Now Open for 3rd Annual SMB 150 Awards

Hey Guess What?

I am going to be a judge for the next SMB 150 Awards!

Nominees are encourage to photoshop themselves into a picture with me and post on Facebook. It won't influence my vote, but it might be fun!

The Official Announcement from SMBTN and SMB Nation regarding the 3rd annual SMB 150 awards:

SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) and SMB Nation have announced that nominations are now being accepted for the 3rd annual SMB 150 awards.
This endeavor is a hybrid voting contest where nominated candidates seek the public recognition of professional peers, customers and like-minded SMB influencers for their accomplishments and achievements. It all reaches a peak with the awards ceremony at the 7th annual SMB Nation Spring "V3" conference on February 24, 2013 at Microsoft Redmond!
What is it?
This is an independent contest from two trusted community organizations that seeks to recognize and reward both well-known and unsung SMB heroes. This is accomplished by both a voting and judging process:
  • Nominate your SMB peers that you RESPECT and believe deserve to be part of this process and enjoy industry recognition.
  • You may also self-nominate.
  • Only one (1) nomination is necessary per person. The nomination process is NOT the voting process.
SMB Leadership Voting Categories
  • Experts
  • Leaders
  • Media
  • Partners
  • Vendors

  • Public vote. This is a popular vote starting December 17th for one-month. This accounts for 40% of the total award calculation.
  • Judges. We have assembled several well-respected industry experts who are above reproach and not eligible for the contest to cast confidential ballots for top SMB 150 nominees. This account for 60 percent of the total award calculation.
How it works.
Nominations are accepted from December 1st to December 15th 2012
Past nominees are AUTMATICALLY RENOMINATED and DO NOT NEED to resubmit your candidacy. This saves you one-step and allows you to focus on your elect efforts.
Important Dates:
  • Voting opens December 17th and closes January 18th 2013
  • Winners are announced January 21st 2013
  • Award ceremony occurs the evening of February 24th 2013 at the SMB Nation Spring "V3" show at Microsoft Redmond.
More Information:
  • SMB 150 winners may attend the SMB 150 award ceremony complimentary and guests may attend with a nominal $99 award pass. Includes group and individual professional photo for your publicity use.
  • SMB 150 winners receive a certificate suitable for framing and digital "badges" for use on websites, e-mails, etc.
  • BONUS: SMB 150 winners may attend the full three-day SMB Nation Spring "V3" for a 50 percent discounted conference admission ticket.
  • BONUS:  SMB 150 nominees will receive a complimentary SMBTN Community membership and SMB 150 winners will receive a 50 percent discount toward an optional SMBTN Business membership.
  • Visit the SMB 150 site to complete the nomination process.
  • Visit the SMB Nation Spring "V3" site to learn more about the February 23-25, 2013 conference
  • Learn more about SMBTN at
  • Learn more about SMB Nation at

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We had a lot of fun with the last contest. I hope you all consider nominating yourselves or others - and then campaigning on their behalf.



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