Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joe Panettieri: You're Killin' Me, Man!

I travel. Joe travels. I'm actually surprised we don't see each other more (He travels WAY more than I do).

So think I'm running hard the last eight days. New Orleans, Jeff Middleton's IT Pro conference, Orlando, Autotask, TechEd. In all that I put out a newsletter (twice, in fact, by accident) and a few blog posts, plus two press releases. Zoom zoom zoom.

Today I was on airplanes from 7:00 AM Eastern to Noon Pacific. With time change, that's eight hours. I get home . . . and MSPMentor is filled with great stories. See

Don't get me wrong: MSPmentor is always filled with great news. But today, I log on for the first time after eight hours flying, and the entire front page is filled with MUST-READ stories. And they're all dated today! So now I'm feeling totally behind the 8-ball because I need to catch up.

Here are today's juicy bits from MSP Mentor:

- June 14, 2012: Hiring U.S. Veterans: An Open Letter to Technology Companies
(It’s time for you (technology companies and employers from all verticals) to make sure those military veterans are on your shortlist of job candidates. Here’s why.)

- June 14, 2012: Quest Software and PacketTrap: Who Is the Bidder?
(Quest Software and its PacketTrap managed services software business are back in the merger and acquisition news.)

- June 14, 2012: Selling Inside the Box
(Growing your business doesn’t always mean getting outside your comfort zone, finding new customers or breaking new ground.)

- June 14, 2012: MSP of the Week: Who is McGladrey?
(McGladrey, ranked 99 on the MSPmentor Top 100 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) list, is based in Mason City, Iowa and manages over 4,000 desktops and mobile devices, as well as 1,200 servers.)

- June 14, 2012: How Hosted Cloud Can Help MSPs Compete on Managed Security
(SMBs may lack the internal resources their larger competitors can afford, but in the Darwinian world of business, this does not exempt them from having to compete with bigger companies.)

- June 13, 2012: ConnectWise Culture: Established But Always Evolving
(Joe says "When ConnectWise Capital invested in LabTech Software two years ago, I suspected ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini and President David Bellini would micro-manage LabTech. Fast forward two years . . . Here's an update."

- - - - -

Okay, one of these stories is not from today. And a couple were written by contributors and not Joe himself. But overall, I have to blame Joe for making me feel inadequate and like a total slacker.

If you don't read MSPmentor on a regular basis (which is to say, every day), then I guarantee you are missing something. Bookmark it and check it out at

- - - - -

Nominations Open for the MSPmentor 250

- June 14, 2012: Top 250 Managed Services Provider Experts: Nominations Wanted

For five years now, MSPmentor has put out a list of the "MSPmentor 250" - the top MSP experts, entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, community leaders, and influencers. The cream of the crop. You can find out more about this list, and the past winners, at

Please nominate the people who influence you in this space. Yes - You can nominate yourself. Vote at

Here's the description from the voting site:

"Please nominate a managed services executive, entrepreneur or expert for our MSPmentor 250 list. Yes you can nominate yourself. The fifth-annual MSPmentor 250 will debut in August 2012. Deadline for submissions: July 27, 2012. Confidentiality: We will not publish email addresses and phone numbers you share with us."

- - - - -

Thanks, Joe, for everything you and Nine Lives Media do for our community!


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