Friday, April 20, 2012

New Chapters Available - Cloud Computing - Foundation Server

Dear Book Owners:

Today we have uploaded the PDF versions of three new chapters for The Network Documentation Workbook.

All are available at

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Section Introduction VI: Cloud and Other Non-SBS Migrations

Chapter 9 is Cloud Strategies, Cloud Migrations, and Hybrid Solutions. It covers, very briefly, some cloud-based options, and then gets right into materials that's relevant in the SMB space. We introduce the "Server Lite" concept and discuss how we implement it in our business. We describe the process of combining on site storage and active directory with cloud-based services.

Chapter 10 is an Example Checklist for Migrating to Cloud Services. These include web services, Microsoft Exchange, spam filtering, and storage or backup. Of course our goal is to achieve this with zero downtime.

Chapter 11 is Migrating to Microsoft Foundation Server. It introduces the Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation or "Foundation Server." We love to install Foundation server as a Server Lite at clients who need only a few services on site. The interesting thing about foundation server is that you can complete the migration much more easily than SBS, even though you need to run a few tools to expand the active directory schema and transfer the FSMO roles. We describe how to do all that in a detailed checklist.

More chapters will be coming. They will be on SBS Essentials, including a checklist for SBS Essentials.

These chapters are in draft format, so the final version may be a bit different. But at least 99% of the final product is here.

Members may download these files for free in the member download area  at

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Note that the following files are available to registered book owners:

2011 and 2012 additions:

- 2011 Network Migration Project Binder Tabs in Word format

- SBS 2011 Network Migration Project Template 2011.09.01 in Word format

Older files (2009-2010):

- The Network Migration Workbook in PDF format

- Cost of Labor Calculator in Excel format

- Request for Quote in Excel format

- Network Migration Project Binder Tabs in Word format

- Existing Network in Visio format

- Proposed Network in Visio format

- Network Map (Plain Vanilla Client) in Visio format

- SBS 2003 Network Migration Project Template in Word format

- SBS 2008 Network Migration Project Template in Word format

- SBS 2003 Post Install PowerPoint

- SBS 2003 Preview PowerPoint

In addition, several of these files are available in .zip format to save space.


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