Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEW: Automatic Discounts at SMB Books

Over at SMB Books, some of our most popular products are really "tools" rather than just books. For example, The Network Migration Workbook or the Sharepoint Operations Guide. Each of these costs 2-3 hours of labor, depending on what you charge. But both are great products that will save you hundreds of dollars the first time you use them!

There are also bundles that add up quickly. It's the nature of our business. Books cost $40-$100 each. And even though you get a discount for the bundle, any bundle is also going to cost a bit.
So, beginning immediately, you will receive discount immediately and automatically when you pass certain threshholds. We have alway ofference free standard shipping when you order $300 or more. Now we are adding additional discounts, starting at the $350 level.

Here are the new discounts:

- $300 or more: Free Standard Shipping

- $350 or more: 10% Discount

- $500 or more: 15% Discount

- $750 or more: 20% Discount

No codes to enter. Just add your favorite resources to your cart.
Begin saving right away. This includes registrations for the SMB Online Conference.

Check out the bargains - and the automatic savings - right now!

SMB Books - Resources for IT Professionals!


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