Sunday, November 20, 2011

Point Click Work Wins Best Newcomer Award at IT Nation

Brett Jaffe from Point Click Work is very proud of the fact that his branded cloud solution won the Best Newcomer Award at IT Nation last week. So he's come up with promotion for new partners. Here's his announcement. Note that the offer ends November 30th.

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After several months of changes to our cloud offering, we finally launched PointClickWork at the ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando last week. Well, we were pleasantly surprised when we won the Best Newcomer award, as voted on by over 1600 attendees! With over 60 excellent vendors at the show, what a great way to start off!

As a celebration to our new-found 15 minutes of fame, we are extending a $500 discount to all partners who sign up before November 30th! Its our own Thanksgiving to all of the great people who voted for us.

We've made quite a few changes to our partner program and want to share with you the new documents, pricing, and even some frequently asked questions before you come on board. As such, we have launched our new Website (still adding content) and have published info that you can only access here with direct links:

Partner Signup Documents: Here you will find our Partner Agreement, Pricing Schedule, and Frequently Asked Questions

Partner Agreement: When you are ready to sign up, you can complete your agreement online. All agreements that reach us before 11/30 will include the setup discount. If you are prompted for a password to submit your agreement, use pcwcloud. Note that this is the same agreement you can download and review separately.

• We have also updated our Webinar Schedule and have added a new webinar specifically to address partner questions & answers. This webinar will be held twice before our discount deadline, however you can always send questions to [email protected].

We also encourage you to browse the updated website (and let me know if the form is quirky as we have the developer looking into it).

Onboarding will happen on a first-come, first-served basis as all training is FREE and done online, so we keep sessions limited. But don't worry, we will add more sessions as necessary to meet the demand, since we are as excited as you are about transforming your business into a Cloud Service Provider.

So to summarize:

1. $500 Discount off partnership fee: deadline of 11/30/11 (Hey, a palindrome! Yes, I'm a geek...)

2. You don't need to fly across the country for training. We have this cool new technology that allows us to do training online, because that's how we roll...

3. This is YOUR branded cloud solution. You are not a reseller and are not furthering our brand and market share.

4. There is NO term or monthly commitment, so you won't go poor as you get rolling.

5. Justin Bieber is still an enemy of the people (It's late on a Friday... let me have this one...)
So I think I've officially made my "this week" deadline, and I'm willing to bet at least 75% of the people getting this are checking their email Friday night anyway...

Have a great weekend and I look forward to having you onboard!

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  1. HI Karl,

    Thanks for re-posting this! We are really looking forward to helping MSPs transform their businesses and add Cloud to the mix!

    And as a side note, it was brought to my attention that 11/30/11 is not, in fact, a palindrome unless spoken, but whereas the last date palindrome was 11/22/11 and the next wont be until 02/11/20, let's just call it a verbal one lol...


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