Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Designing and Selling Cloud Services into the 1-20 Desktop Environment

Managed Service Providers looking to move into Cloud Services profitably and easily . . . Here's a great place to start.

I put up a min-site just for this at http://www.cloudcomputerusa.com/.

Designing and Selling Cloud Services into the 1-20 Desktop Environment

Recorded Audio Program with Slides

by Karl W. Palachuk
90 Minute audio presentation, plus question and answer session.
This is an audio program with the PowerPoint slides in pdf format. Includes one MP3 audio file, one PowerPoint slide deckand one client-facing advertising example. All delivered in one zip file.

How Do You Get Started with Cloud Services?

It can be challenging to offer us the right cloud service offering for small clients. After all, they want a service that's as good as what they're used to with a server. You can't put in a half-baked solution and keep your client happy.

Plus, you need to make sure you get the recurring revenue. So you don't want to sell solutions that pay you $00.36/month for each user while some major corporation earns $9.64/month. You need to own the client. You need to remain the trusted advisor.

Plus, in the long term, you need to manage ALL of the client's technology. Replacing the server is fine, but someone has to tend to routers, firewalls, switches, printers, cabling, battery backups, desktop PCs, monitors, and all the other stuff that lives on site.

This seminar shows you exactly how to get started, and gives all the details of a plan you can build yourself. It also gives you a successful mindset for designing and building a custom cloud service offering that works for you and your business!

Gimme - Only $39.95 - Delivered Electronically

The Opportunity in Cloud Services is Huge

This is especially true in very small businesses.

There are 14.4 million businesses in the United States with 1-25 desktops! That's a huge market.
Learn the strongest attraction for cloud services, and see how you can create products and services designed specifically to address what your prospects are looking for.

Design a recurring revenue model that keeps these people as your clients for the long term. After all, backing up data to the cloud is a commodity offering. You need to have a unique value proposition that keeps your clients loyal to YOU.

Delivered by Karl W. Palachuk, a managed service provider and cloud service provider with more than 16 years in the consulting business. Karl is the host of the Cloud Services Roundtable and has been on the MSP 250 List every year it has been published.

Product Description

Cloud Services for 1-20 desktop environments

Gimme Only $39.95

Implementing Cloud Services
You get . . .
- The Complete Slide Deck
- 90 Minute Presentations Audio plus Q&A Session
- Sample Marketing Flyer for Clients
- Background data on what clients are looking for in cloud services

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No matter how long you've an I.T. Consultant, this seminar will provide you with lots of great new information . . . and a model for profitability!

Thousands of I.T. consultants around the world have used Karl's books and seminar to improve their businesses and adopt a Managed Services Model with success.

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