Monday, October 17, 2011

Memo from Zenith RMM

I posted a commentary in my weekly SMB Email today regarding Zenith Infotech and Zenith RMM. I won't repeat that here.
One of my comments is that I hope Zenith keeps the channels of communications open for partners experiencing uncertainty. Happily, I see that Zenith RMM is doing just that.

In all the recent news stories, please remember that Zenith Infotech and Zenith RMM are now separatedly legally and financially. Here's a memo we got today from Zenith RMM that clarifies the situation and promises more information soon:

October 17, 2011

To: Zenith RMM Partners
From: Michael George, CEO, Zenith RMM
Subject: Company Announcement

Dear Michael,

In our effort to provide more and better communication, I want to clarify something very important.

On September 28th we announced the acquisition of the Managed Services business of Zenith Infotech Ltd. by a completely separate company: Zenith RMM, LLC. Zenith RMM acquired the entire Managed Services division from Zenith InfoTech including; all intellectual property, agent technology, the partner portal, and the managed services NOC operations in Mumbai, India, and correlating US based operations.

Zenith RMM did not, however, acquire any of the BDR, ARCA, SmartStyle or MirrorCloud products, or any of the engineering or support teams associated with the NOC operations supporting those products.

You have a Managed Services agreement with Zenith RMM that enables you to support your customer’s desktops and servers including NOC and engineering support. And while we support the alerting and portal display for Zenith InfoTech’s BDR, ARCA, SmartStyle or MirrorCloud products, we do not provide the NOC technical support for these products. These services continue to be provided to you by Zenith Infotech.

If you are experiencing problems with the SmartStyle or MirrorCloud products, please contact your Zenith Infotech Account Management team as only they can resolve your issues. If you do not know who your account management team is or have more questions on Zenith RMM in general, please feel free to use the Contact Us form located on our home page at:

If you have any questions related to Management and Monitoring of your Desktops and Servers, the RMM NOC, or ITS Portal, please contact your Zenith RMM Accounting Management team.

Soon we will be sharing with you a comprehensive product and technology roadmap.

Thank you for being a valuable partner to us. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Best regards,

Michael George
Zenith RMM

That's all I know. As always, I will keep an on on for future developments and news.
-- karlp

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