Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Intel Does Great at SMB Nation

I had a chance to sit down in the Podcast Booth at SMB Nation and talk to Sanjeev Khanna from Intel Hybrid Cloud. The podcast is now available for download here: Download Podcast with Sanjeev

In addition to simply virtualizing SBS 2011 and 30+ other products, the Intel Hybrid cloud solves a lot of licensing problems for MSPs. It also helps clients move to a cloud strategy and get comfortable with cloud-enabled technologies.

More than anything else, as we celebrate the third anniversary of the recession, the Intel Hybrid Cloud allows clients to replace that old server without putting down a buncha money for hardware and software. In the long run, this is also good for you: It gets SMB clients used to making monthly payments for their technology.

Download and listen today: Download Podcast with Sanjeev


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