Thursday, June 02, 2011

SBS Essentials with Hosted Exchange and Hosted Backup

Yesterday I participated in Microsoft's "24 Hours In The Cloud" webinar marathon. This was a series of 24 one-hour webinars, all focused on various aspects of cloud computing.

My presentation was Migrating to SBS Essentials with Hosted Exchange and Hosted Backup.

I have now loaded that presentation (about 45 minutes) on the member area of Cloud Services Roundtable. This is a PowerPoint presentation in .wmv format.

Cloud Services Roundtable members can download the presentation from the Cloud Services Roundtable Web site.

Also look for the three-part webinar series on Migrating from SBS to the Cloud AND the original podcast on delivernig our 5-pack cloud offering. Those shows are listed on the Index of Past Shows.


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