Saturday, June 18, 2011

Connect Up With The SMB MVP Community Roadshow

My buddy Jeff Middleton and a bunch of the other amazing Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) are teaming up with HP and Microsoft to visit 66+ cities in North America, Australia, and Europe in the months ahead.

The "Official" non-marketing video with Kevin Beares and Dana Epp is here on You-Tube:

The topics include:

- HP hardware (which totally rocks)
- SBS 2011
- SBS 2011 Essentials
- Midpoint Server*
- Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

Jeff told me that his goal is to visit every I.T. Pro user group who asks to host an event. Each event will be a little different because they are being run by different Microsoft MVPs. But all of them will have great content based on the experiences of the various MVPs.

The tour was launched quietly a few weeks ago and will run through October 2011. And beyond, if Jeff has his way.

Cities that have already seen the tour include Vancouver and Cincinnati. Victoria will see it tonight.

Here are some links for you.

- SMB MVP Tour on Facebook

- SMB MVP Tour on Twitter

- SMB MVP Tour Official Site, sponsored by

- and Overview of the SMB MVP Tour at

Check it out. If you run an I.T. Pro user group, ping Jeff to request a stop on the big Roadshow. If you're a member of an I.T. Pro user group, make sure your leader's aware of this opportunity.

If you don't run a group or belong to one, ping me and I'll either help you find one or help you start one. :-)

* In case you haven't seen it, Midpoint Server is a Windows product targeted at educational institutions, for use in classrooms, labs and libraries. It allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. Essentially, it's a target terminal server environment designed for non-technical users.

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