Monday, October 04, 2010

Cloud Marketing Info Request

As you may know, Jeff Johnson from Technology Marketing Toolkit is going to be our guest on the next Cloud Services Roundtable broadcast.

October 6th
9:00 AM Pacific

Register Now at

This is a hot topic and we have a lot of people registered.

I have a small favor to ask. I’m not offering a reward, but in the end, you will certainly benefit.

Let me explain...

Jeff is going to be covering marketing strategies for selling more cloud services to your clients and prospects.

But since this is such a broad topic, I wanted to narrow the content down to a few key points for Jeff to focus on. To that end, could you take a few seconds to answer 2 very important questions?

They are:

1. What is the single most important question you would like us to cover about marketing cloud services?


2. What is the single biggest problem, headache, or pain you have in marketing and selling cloud services?

Please take a minute to reply to this post, or send me an email with your answers. Any feedback you have is appreciated so that I can make sure we create a very informative and enlightening session for you and our other clients.



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