Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autotask Rock Stars

"What's all the hubbub, bub?" - Bugs Bunny

With all the SMB Nation hubbub, you may have missed the big Autotask announcement of the First Ever Rock Star Awards.

The Rock Star program is intended to "share IT Service and Solution Provider best practices and IT business management tips which lead to faster bottom line results."

See the full announcement/press release at

So, of course, Autotask had a whole Rock Star themed appearance at SMB Nation. If you listen to the podcast with Len DiCostanzo, you'll hear Lou on the other side of the curtain playing his electric guitar for the folks at SMB Nation. We had fun at the end as Michael and Megan were orchestrating the music to "take us out" of the podcast. Fun stuff:

Autotask also had a great Rock Star party with some guy called "Diddy" at Ceasar's palace. Great pix are online at Facebook. I've never seen so many 21-year-old women in tiny black dresses in my life.

Anyway . . .

Community Dude Mark Crall introduced 28 Autotask customers rock stars, chosen because of their expertise and their willingness to help other users in the community. The rock starts are:
  • Andy Harper , Gaeltek – VA, USA
  • Travis Austin, MSPintegrations - CA, USA
  • Vince Tinnirello, Anchor Network Solutions, Inc - CO, USA
  • Alex Elliott, Advanced Technology Services, Inc. – IL, USA
  • Lee Evans, Vital – Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Ritesh Kapadia, SynchroNet – TX, USA
  • Osama Faris, FAR Support Ltd. – ON, Canada
  • Stuart Selbst, Stuart Selbst Consulting – VA, USA
  • Jacob Braun, Wake Digital Media Corporation – MA, USA
  • Steve Meek, The Fulcrum Group, LLC – TX, USA
  • Win Pham, Performance IT – GA, USA
  • Ken Edwards, Maverick Mesa Computer Specialties, Inc. – AZ, USA
  • Tim Carney, SF Bay - Link Network Services, Inc. - CA, USA
  • Charles Tholen, Cognoscape – TX, USA
  • Brian Kerhin, Byte Harmony, Inc. – WI, USA
  • Nathan Franks, Dynamic Business Technologies – NSW, Australia
  • Steve Alexander, Third Eye Technologies, Inc. – NY, USA
  • Thomas Blandford, eTrepid Inc. – MD, USA
  • Craig Tribuno, Systems Engineering – ME, USA
  • Melanie Fricke, CMIT Solutions – TX, USA
  • Mary Beth Jokela, Concordant – MA, USA
  • Lorentz Hinrichsen, Wulf Consulting – PA, USA
  • Edd Nicklin, Future Reliance – Kingston, United Kingdom
  • Michael Garcia, LuxTech – Hertforshire, United Kingdom
  • Paul Tomlinson, Mirus IT Solutions – Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Norb Doeberlein, Netzbahn – TX, USA
  • Tony Poole, Synergy Technology – Preston, United Kingdom

If you've in the SMB Community long, or gone to more than a few conferences, you've met at least one of these folks. Probably many more than one. I can name ten of theme who owe me a beer . . .



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