Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cloud Based CRM - Grace Schroeder on Cloud Services Roundtable

Please join us on the Cloud Services Roundtable
June 16th at 9:00 AM

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Our guest will be Grace Schroeder, CEO of Idea2, a cloud based CRM solution that makes work life easier because it is easily customized, rapidly deployed, and quickly adopted by users.

We'll talk about the challenges and advantages of using a cloud-based CRM or Line of Business Application. We're seeing these services more and more widely across our clientele.

Here's an interesting point to ponder: A cloud-based LOB (line of business) application can be a major in-road for you because it can place you squarely between a prospect and their in-house I.T. people. In other words, the people most likely to put in a road block to outsourced I.T. will be working with you to implement an LOB.

Cool stuff.

Grace's career spans from large corporations to small and growing business concerns. She has started and managed several companies ranging from privately funded managed hosting companies to a day trading firm. Interspersed with entrepreneurial endeavors, Grace has held leadership positions in large telecom and financial services companies. At Qwest Communications, Grace led Channel and Field marketing for both the direct and partner channels. At Transamerica, as Vice President of the Broker/Dealer Channel, she introduced a successful variable annuity product in conjunction with the Dreyfus Funds - achieving $400MM of sales in the first year.

Grace specializes in leveraging valuable emerging business models by assembling unique teams that provide companies the ability to connect the dots between technology and business opportunity.

For a great introduction to a cloud-based tool, and a better understanding of cloud-based services, please join us June 16th.
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And of course you can always check out past and future broadcasts at Cloud Services Roundtable.


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