Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twitter Quiz Answers and Winners

Well the big Twitter Quiz took more real-time interaction than I expected, but was fun by all reports.

Here's a summary of the questions and answers. The decision of the judges is final. Remember the rules: This is supposed to be fun.

Question: What color 54 Convertible does Eartha Kitt want from Santa?
Answer: Light Blue (from the song Santa Baby. EK's version is the absolute best)

Question: What's the name of the Grinch's dog?
Answer: Max

Question: In what movie did Bing Crosby first sing "White Christmas?"
Answer: Holiday Inn. The movie White Christmas was made in reaction to the popularity of this song. The best selling single song of all time because it sells millions each year on top of all previous years.

Question: Which three famous reindeer names begin with the letter D?
Answer: Dasher, Dancer, Donner. Would have accepted Dunder, the original name in the original poem.

Question: What was the name of the star that guided the three kings to Bethlehem?
Answer: The Star of Bethlehem. Kind of a Microsoft-type trick question.

Question: Which Christmas carol includes the phrase Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la?
Answer: Deck the Halls. Although I almost gave it to "All of them after enough eggnog."

Question: What's the name of Charles Dickens' story about Ebenezer Scrooge?
Answer: A Christmas Carol

Question: Where is Christmas Island?
Answer: Indian Ocean near Australia. Lotta responses from down under on this one.

Question: Where did the real St. Nicholas live?
Answer: Turkey

Question: Which Sesame Street characters share names with characters in It's A Wonderful Life?
Answer: Bert and Ernie. They're the police officers.

Question: Which country do poinsettias originally come from?
Answer: Mexico

Question: Question: In Miracle on 34th Street, which store hires Kris Kringle?
Answer: Macy's

Question: Who was that Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree?
Answer: Brenda Lee. Yeah, other people sang it. Other people also sang Santa Baby. But there's only one version that counts.

Question: Who sang Run Run Rudolph?
Answer: Chuck Berry

Question: How come Spike Jones Ain't Gettin Nuttin' for Christmas?
Answer: "Cuz I Ain't Been Nuttin But Bad"

Question: Why can't Ralphie have a Red Rider BB Gun?
Answer: He'll shoot his eye out. For the uninitiated, this is from the movie Christmas Story, based on a story by, and narrated by Jean Shepard. Stars Darren McGavin and Peter Billingsley.

Question: What is Bruce Willis' most famous Christmas Movie?
Answer: Die Hard. Second place: Die Hard 2.

Question: Why was Jesus born in a manger?
Answer: There was no room at the inn

Question: Who wrote/sang "Ole Tex Kringle's on His Way?"
Answer: Tex Ritter

Question: What did Good King Wenceslas look out upon?
Answer: The Feast of Stephen (December 26th)

Question: In the song Sleigh Ride, what are friends calling?
Answer: Yoo Hoo. "Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling Yoo Hoo."

Question: Jingle Bell Time is a swell time for what?
Answer: To go riding in a one horse sleigh. "It's the right time to rock the night away. Jingle Bell Time is a swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh." (Jingle Bell Rock)

Question: I'll be home for Christmas if only . . . ?
Answer: If only in my dreams

Question: The weather outside is frightful. What is the fire?
Answer: The fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go . . . Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Question: Who sang "What will Santa Claus Say When He Finds Everybody Swinging?"
Answer: Louis Prima. Awesome singer and a great Christmas song that needs more attention than it has received.

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And the Winners Are . . .

Some people won more than once, but here's the crowd of winners.


These are the Twitter names for these folks and I encourage you to follow them. After all, they've already demonstrated that they're fun people by playing this quiz.

- - - - -

I hope everyone had fun. We'll do this again.


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