Friday, December 11, 2009

Robin Robins One Day Per Year Sale

Holy Smokes, Batman.

Just got this email from Robin Robins.

Please wait fifteen minutes so can buy whatever I want. Then check out the big scratch and dent sale at Robin's Site.

- - - - -

Robin's Email:

Hey Karl,

We just opened the doors for our "scratch-n-dent" sale where
you can get the Toolkit, Blueprint, 36 Month Millionaire
and other products at 50% off:

Robin's Site

These are legitimate copies of our products that are slightly
damaged or imperfect, which prevents us from selling them as
"new." So if you don't mind a bit of dust or a smudge here
and there, you can get an absolute STEAL:

Robin's Site

But you have to HURRY...there are a limited number of these
products available at these crazy discounts.

Once these products are gone, they're gone - sorry, no exceptions!

Dedicated to your success,


Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
2000 Mallory Lane
Suite #130-472
Franklin, TN 37067

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