Saturday, December 19, 2009

SMB Books FREE Sampler CD

Well, the SMB Community shines once again. We asked some of our authors to put together materials for us to distribute. The only requirement is that it be Truly Useful. We wanted to offer a free CD Sampler of the kinds of materials available at SMB Books.

We only included material that has real value right now.

Much of the material on this Sampler CD is not available anywhere else. The disc includes more than seven hours of audio and video training plus hundreds of pages of excellent content.

We are providing this CD Free as a way to showcase our authors -- and the great resources you'll find at

Note: The CD also contains our most recent catalog -- and that catalog includes a discount code for use at SMB Books.

Here's some of what you'll find on the CD:

Contributor: Robert Crane
  • Utilizing SharePoint to Improve Your Business - PDF

  • Utilizing SharePoint to Improve Your Business- PowerPoint

  • Windows SharePoint Services Operations Guide Ch1 - Intro - PDF

  • How we use SharePoint- PDF

  • Six Secrets of Selling SharePoint - PDF

  • SMB Conference Call September 24, 2008 - MP3

Web site -
Blog -

Contributor: Karl W Palachuk
  • Relax Focus Succeed Chapter 1 - part I - MP3

  • Relax Focus Succeed Chapter 1 - part II - MP3

  • Managed Services Town Hall Q & A - Recorded Live - Fall 2009 - MP3

Blog - Small Biz Thoughts
Web - SMB Books
Web - Great Little Book Publishing
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Contributor: Robin Robins
  • The 9-Step Marketing Secret That Will Double Your Computer Consulting Business In 6 Month Or Less - zip file w/12 MP3 tracks

Blog - Technology Marketing Toolkit
Free Articles On IT Marketing -
Technology Marketing Toolkit -

Contributor: Andrew Rogerson
  • Andrew Rogerson Interview by Karl Palachuk - MP3

Email - [email protected]
Web -
Web - Successfully Buy Your Business
Web - Successfully Sell Your Business

Contributor: George Sierchio
  • Exit Strategy Webinar - WMV

Web -
Free Biz Analysis
Blog -

Contributor: Erick Simpson
  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 1 Overview - wmv

  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 2 Pricing - wmv

  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 3 Agreement - wmv

  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 4 Monitoring - wmv

  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 5 Marketing - wmv

  • How to Succeed with Managed Services - Part 6 Trusted Advisor - wmv

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Contributor: Dave Sobel
  • Virtualization: Defined - Disk Performance - PDF

  • Virtualization: Defined - Selling Virtualization - PDF

Evolve Technologies website:
Evolutionary Thoughts Business Blog:
Evolve Technologies on Twitter:
SMB Virtualization website and Virtualization blog:
SMB Virtualization on Twitter:

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Do we get carried away?

Oh Yeah!

I want to thank all the contributors to the SMB Sampler CD. They are true community members and are providing YOU with hundreds of dollars worth of valuable information here.

I also thank Lana Shurayev, our super-human admin, for spending so much time collecting, formatting, and coding this CD. She's awesome.

Thank them for their efforts.

Now, how do you get this massive collection of goodness?

We will ship it free for the asking. No you can't download it. It's about 400 MB and I'm just not doing that.

Here's what you do:
- Go to the Request Page.
- Fill out the form. You must give us your shipping information in order to receive the CD
- Put "Sampler CD" in the box labeled "Products You Want"

- If you have an address that does not lend itself to our US-centric form, please email us with the exact address information and format. You still need to fill out the form!

Please be patient. The CDs will ship immediately (the next business day). But we expect a high demand.


  1. WOW! What a great thing to do

    Thank you very much :-)

  2. Thanks, Andy.

    Hey, why not kick off 2010 with a HUGE excess of success?

    I really do appreciate the authors who contributed great materials for this.

  3. Karl
    Thanks for this buddy what a good idea.. you are a great guy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  4. Well thank you, sir. What a kind thing to say. You're a great guy too.

    Hope to visit you in the Spring.

  5. Good stuff, Karl. Glad to contribute to the community.


  6. Stay tuned people. Lana just took off for the post office. They close in 20 minutes and she's got a shipment of 100 CD's heading your way!

  7. Our most sincere thank & Kudos to Karl (and his family for shipping this stuff!)


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