Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stuart Crawford on: Are you ready for online computing?

My friend Stuart Crawford from Bulletproof InfoTech in the Great White North is doing a special webinar intro to cloud computing.

The Internet and "cloud computing" are all the buzz in today's world. Are you looking at moving applications and services out to the Internet? Are you tired of constant upgrades and hardware which never seems to stay current?

There is a major shift in the way small business in Calgary, Red Deer and in general are looking at the way they run applications in their business. Today, many small businesses run Microsoft Outlook online, access documents via Microsoft SharePoint, host online meetings with Live Meeting and run many other services online.

Your special invite

Stuart would like to invite you to his webinar on August 25th at 9 AM (Mountain) entitled "Does My Cloud Have A Silver Lining?" This webinar will answer any questions you may have with online services or cloud computing. It will address the impact online services will have with Small Business owners and share some of our client success stories with online services.

Says Stuart:

    "The world has come back to running solutions online. I remember when we hosted our email through Internet Service Providers in Calgary such as Cadvision, Nucleus and others. Businesses made a shift to online email services through Microsoft Exchange and now we have Exchange running online with Bulletproof.

    Is the cloud the right fit for your business? If you are unsure, join me on Tuesday August 25th at 9 AM for a great 45 minute webinar on cloud services for Small Business. For more information please visit Stuart Crawford's Blog"


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