Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bob Godgart's Take on Cloud Computing

I posted the SMB Conference Call with Autotask today.

The show features "The Bobs" from Autotask - Bob Godgart and Bob Vogel. Bob G. was a keynote speaker at the Comptia Breakaway the just concluded in Vegas. His keynote was on the opportunities for all of going forward with Cloud Computing.

So while our SMB Conference Call addressed the the Autotask product for about half the time, we also spent a great deal of time on Cloud Computing and where it fits in the SMB / MSP models. As a true pioneer in technology trends over the years, Bob's insights are very informative.

Not surprisingly, success is projected for the same types of people who have always been successful:

- Those who get in before it becomes a commodity market


- Those who focus very clearly on what's best for the client

- - - - -

It is absolutely worth your while to listen to Bob's insights on Cloud Computing and the future of your industry. Whether you use (or plan to use) Autotask or not, the half hour on Cloud Computing is very informative.

Give it a listen and post comments here. Or you can email me at [email protected] or email Bob directly at [email protected].
Stay tuned. This story will continue for a few years.


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