Friday, July 17, 2009

SBS Migration Strategies Part One - Literally

We've been working, working, working on the new book.

The Network Migration Workbook: Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks.

Currently about 550 pages 8.5 x 11" and three pounds.

We've got it registered with the Library of Congress. That came through today.

ISBN 978-0-9763760-4-0

No. You can't order it today. But soon.

The book has two major parts. The first is a series of chapters describing how to sell, define, and run a network migration project with zero downtime. The second part consists of two BIG checklists -- a few hundred pages each -- for SBS 2003 and SBS 2008.

You might ask how well these topics fit together. In fact, one of our reviewers pointed out that technicians don't care about the first part. That's a bit of an overstatement, but in some sense it's true. Many technicians don't care how to price a project, or how to keep it profitable. Many technicians don't care how to manage a project because they'll never be asked to do that.

Some technicians don't care about he details of client management or negotiating a price. And we've all met them. They will always be technicians. They want procedures for execution without understanding the big picture.

Maybe I'm just an old man in my forties. But when I think about client management, I think about the client whose office I set up on SBS 4.0 ten years ago. They skipped 4.5 and eventually installed SBS 2000, SBS 2003, and SBS 2008.

If all I care about is the click-by-click installation of the next operating system, then I completely misunderstand what it means to be a consultant to a client.

This month I am celebrating the tenth year with one of my clients. I'm sure he doesn't read this blog, so I'll tell you that we have a big surprise planned for him. Why? Because it's not about technology. It's not about servers, or dollars spent, or upselling. After ten years, a consulting relationship is about doing business with people you like and trust. It's about respect and sharing a vision for the future.

Anyway, the point is that technicians who will never achieve anything meaningful beyond being an entry level technician will only care about the big checklists. But if you run a business, or manage a tech support team, or manage migration projects, then we think you'll want to read the whole book.

Just for fun, here's a list of topics covered in Chapters One and Two:

The Network Migration Workbook
Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks

Karl W. Palachuk
Manuel L. Palachuk

Table of Contents

  • Front Matter
    • Foreword
    • About The Authors
    • The Plan of The Book
    • Legal Disclaimer
    • Who Should Read This Book?
    • A Note About Microsoft-Centric Habits
    • Acknowledgements

  • I. Introduction and Overview

  • 1. Migrating the Windows Environment
    • Introduction
    • Modern Migration Strategies
    • EBS and Other Multi-Server Environments
    • What's The Best For Your Client?
    • Zero Downtime?
    • Normal Hours
    • Consulting Assistance From KPEnterprises
    • Tools and Rules
      • Slow Down, Get More Done
      • Do It Our Way First
      • You WILL Use a Ticketing System to Track Time
      • You Are In Charge
      • Do Not Be Interrupt-Driven
      • Know What You Know
      • Documentation Will Set You Free
      • Over Freakin' Communicate

    • Downtime's Okay
    • Now Let's Get Started

  • 2. Project Management
    • Introduction
    • SMB Consulting Project Management
    • Discovery and Inventory
    • Introduction to the Project
    • Focus: Why Do You Want a Small Business Server?
    • Case Study: Example Network
    • Inventory: Physical Assets
    • The Documentation Process
    • Inventory: Services and Resources
    • Beware the Last Consultant
    • Checkpoint
    • Inventory: Future Plans
    • Building the Plan
    • Writing the Plan
    • Goal Setting: Treating Your SBS Migration Like an Employee
    • Dealing with Objections
      • Price
      • Preference
      • Support and Quality of Products
      • Complexity or Differentiation
      • PCIPU: Perfectly Clear If Previously Understood
      • Security

    • Getting Approval for the Project
    • Budgeting, Adjusting, and Final Draft
    • Summary

These chapters are essentially complete. Just need final layout and off to the printers.

More soon.

In the meantime, check out the two hour mp3 audio download on Zero Downtime Migrations at SMB Books:

Now Available:
Introduction to Zero Downtime Migrations
Seminar on MP3 Download

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