Friday, July 24, 2009

SBS Migration Book Part Two

I mentioned last week that we're closing in on a "complete" status for The Network Migration Workbook.

Currently about 575 pages 8.5 x 11" and three pounds.

The second section is "Defining the Migration Project."

We realize the process of Zero Downtime Migration is complicated. So in Section Two we take a look at the Migration project from "30,000 feet" company-wide. By that I mean that this information is useful for everyone in YOUR company to understand.

It is useful for technicians, project managers, and sales people. Everyone needs to understand the big picture so they have some idea what the other departments are up to.

And, of course, if you are personally the sales person, the project manager, and the primary technician all combined, then you need to understand the big picture in order to know how to isolate each of these activities and execute well.

Chapter Three is the big overview of the process. Chapter Four covers quoting the project.

You might be tempted to let the tech people skip Ch. 4, but we recommend against it. The structure of the quote requires some critical "pre-discovery" information from the tech department. The quote itself will have an internal-facing document and a client-facing document, both of which lead to the service requests that will "define" the project once the quote is approved.

Chapter Four also lays out the groundwork for the client communication and management frame for the project.

Taken as a whole, Chapters 1-4 help you dive into a successful model for designing and running migration projects.

We can't wait to get this out there.

. . . Soon.

The Network Migration Workbook
Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks

Karl W. Palachuk
Manuel L. Palachuk

Table of Contents

  • 3. Project Overview
    • Introduction
    • A Few Caveats About the Checklists
    • Running Successful Migration Projects
    • Closing the Loop
    • The Migration Project Overview
    • The Checklist
    • Outline Of The Process
    • A Little More Detail on the Process
    • So Where Does Zero Downtime Come In?
    • Methods for Achieving Zero Downtime
    • What's Next?
    • There Are No Emergency Migrations
    • The Network Documentation Binder
    • The Rest of The Book

  • 4. Quoting the Migration Project
    • Project Initiation
    • A Confident Approach
    • The Generic Two-Drawing Process
    • The Reality of Quoting in the SMB Space
    • Your Line Card
    • Labor Estimates
    • Check Point
    • Two Quotes
    • Approval Process
    • Details
    • A Little Focus on Desktop Migrations
    • Final Steps / Approved Projects
    • Note on PSA Project Management

These chapters are 99.9% complete. We have sent them out for layout.

More to come.

In the meantime, check out the two hour mp3 audio download on Zero Downtime Migrations at SMB Books:

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Introduction to Zero Downtime Migrations
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