Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale on SMB Conference Call

Join me today for an interview with Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale from Third Tier.

9:00 AM Pacific
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These two MVPs, along with Chad Gross and David Shackleford, provide advanced IT support services to professionals. Third Tier is staffed by experts with deep knowledge in specific areas.

Their expertise includes SBS, active directory, exchange, SharePoint, SQL, ISA, Macs and network infrastructure.

They also provide support for vendors in the small business space looking to assist their customers with advanced implementation and support services.

Our friend Aaron Booker from recent caught up with Eriq and captured it on tape for us:


About Amy:

Amy Babinchak owns Harbor Computer Services (HCS) in Michigan. They provide local small businesses with quality IT services.

Amy was named by Microsoft as MVP in ISA Server twice and again in Essential Business Server.

Amy frequently speaks on security and firewall issues, both nationally and internationally at conferences and to user groups. She has contributed articles to, SMBNation Magazine and chapters for SBS 2003 Unleashed and SBS 2008 Unleashed.

About Eriq:

Eriq Neale doesn’t like the use of the word "veteran" when it comes to describing how long he’s been working in the IT industry, but until someone comes up with a term that implies experience and expertise without grey hair, that term will have to do.

As the President of EON Consulting, LLC, and a partner in Third Tier, Eriq has been focused on providing solutions to small businesses and small business IT professionals for a number of years.

He is the lead author of two Unleashed books on SBS (2003 and 2008) and has been recognized as an MVP by Microsoft for the past four years.

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SMB Conference Call with Amy Babinchak and Eriq Neale
Wed. May 20, 2009
9:00 AM Pacific
Register Here
Find out more on the SMB Conference Call Page.

If all goes well, the call will be recorded and posted in the Conference Call Archives later this week.

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