Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Upcoming GLB Events

Great Little Book Publishing Co. and SMB Books have started the year off with a bang!

The super-good SMB Conference Call with Harry Brelsford and Philip Elder will be posted as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here are some events to put on your calendar:

  1. Microsoft 5w50 Webinar - Maximizing Success in Troubled Times
    January 12th - 9:00 AM Pacific

    - Karl Palachuk, KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc.
    - Scott Mallet, Network Technology Solutions
    - Tavis Patterson, TAZ Networks

    Register at:

    Please join me and two successful SMB Consultants as we explore some of their great ideas for what may be a tough year ahead. This is part of Mike Iem's 5w50 seminar series.

    Scott does a great deal of training in his business. We'll talk to him about how Microsoft Training can be a major boost for your business in the year ahead.

    Tavis has a unique approach to sales promotion. He committed to a program a few months ago. We'll check in to find out what he learned and what lessons he has for us in the months ahead.

  2. Super HaaS Webinar
    Jan. 13th - 11 AM Pacific

    - Karl Palachuk, KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc.
    - Ramsey Dellinger, MSP On Demand
    - Alex Rogers from Chartec

    Register now at

    We offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS) to our clients. Awhile back I wrote a white paper and starter kit for HaaS. That white paper explains how we offer HaaS, structure it, and finance it ourselves.

    Two prominent companies will help you with the money side of things. Basically, they help structure an agreement with your client so that the monthly payment is divided between a hardware "lease" portion and a service portion. Of course they get a piece of the action.

    These companies are MSP on Demand and CharTec. Each has a slightly different approach.

    Since I originally wrote the HaaS Starter Kit, there have been a number of questions. The most important questions are:

    - How do you license software for these machines?
    - How do you finance these machines?
    - How does this work with Microsoft Financing
    - How do you handle insurance
    - etc.

    So we've decided to get together and give you a HUGE bunch of free information. Here's what we have planned:

    - 90 minutes.

    - Karl will introduce the basics

    - Ramsey Dellinger from MSP on Demand will present their approach

    - Alex Rogers from CharTec will present their approach

    - A round-robin discussion

    - Questions and Answers

    Ramsey and Alex are preparing some information to distribute to anyone who is interested. If you purchased my HaaS starter kit, I'll send you the information kit by email when it's ready. If you haven't purchased it, we'll send a copy to everyone who registers for the webinar.

    There's no cost for any of this. We just happen to be in a unique position of providing a huge amount of information.

    Having said that, it's obvious that these folks would like to earn your business.

    At the same time, we all believe that there is a huge opportunity in Hardware as a Service. In our company, for example, we consider HaaS to be the next step beyond Platinum level managed service.

    Come and learn.

  3. SMB Conference Call with Brooke Ferguson
    Jan. 21st - 9:00 AM Pacific

    Brooke Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Growing Places Consulting, Inc. She is an expert at showing entrepreneurs, management teams, and small business owners how to systematically grow their business and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

    Brooke has created opportunities for other speakers by creating the Business Wealth and Development Speakers Series.

    We'll talk to her about how to take a new approach to success. More info is available on the SMB Conference Call Page.

    Check out Brooke's coaching site at and her Business Backpacker blog at

Stay tuned!

We have a lot more planned this year.

The holidays are over. Get off you butt.


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