Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grow Your Business And Have More Time to Do What You Love

Join us today . . .

SMB Conference Call with Brooke Ferguson
Jan. 21st - 9:00 AM Pacific

How Can You Grow Your Business And Have More Time to Do What You Love?

Brooke Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Growing Places Consulting, Inc. She is an expert at showing entrepreneurs, management teams, and small business owners how to systematically grow their business and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Brooke has created opportunities for other speakers by creating the Business Wealth and Development Speakers Series.

We'll talk to her about how to take a new approach to success. More info is available on the SMB Conference Call Page.

Brooke helps business owners answer some some hard questions, including:

1. Where do most business owners seem to get stuck?

2. How can I grow my business?

3. How can I increase cash flow?

4. How can I begin delegating to others?

5. How can I manage time more effectively?

6. How do you recommend setting pricing?

7. How can I achieve my "Ideal Lifestyle"?

8. What are some ways that business owners limit their vision of their company?

Check out Brooke's coaching site at and her Business Backpacker blog at

Brooke will join us from Thailand where she is living the dream she promises to her clients, running her business remotely, and finding that success does not mean chaining yourself to a desk.

Join us to find out how you can Get Un-Stuck for the new year.

More info on The SMB Conference Call Page.

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