Monday, March 03, 2008

SBS Partner Event Kit

Here's something that's not new, but you might have either missed or forgotten about. A few weeks ago, on the SMB Conference Call, Mike Iem mentioned the SBS Partner Event Kit.

This is a box full of good stuff that you can request for your marketing event. Some of it you have to send back (like the Monitor!), but some you get to keep (like the collateral).

The kit is designed specifically for a trade show or conference. But, with a little imagination, you can stretch it to other events.

To request that the box-o-goodies be mailed to you, email [email protected].

The SBS Event Kit includes:

- Windows Small Business Server 2003 table banner (white 6ft long x 3ft wide)

- Windows Server 2008 table banner (white 6ft long x 3ft wide)

- Windows Small Business Server 2003 standing banner (7ft high x 2.5ft wide)

- Flat screen monitor with cables for demonstrations

- Three collateral holders with 75 copies each of the Small Business Server Datasheet and the brochure “Big Breakthroughs for Small Business” (Windows Server 2008 collateral will be provided as we get closer to the launch date)

The measurement on the box is 27" x 43" x 23", weight is 138 lbs. Note that you'll be paying to ship this back.

Note: You also have the opportunity to buy a banner with your company logo for $99. Not a bad deal. Consider this: You can go to any Kinko's and order any banner you want for $6 per square foot. So a 3' x 6' banner is about $108.

If you want a 3'x6' banner, fine. Or you might prefer a 2'x4' for only $48.


Once you send email to [email protected], you'll get an email back that requests the following details:

- Partner Name
- Event Name
- Event Date
- Expected attendance
- Shipping Address

IF the kit is available on your date, you'll get details.

But you need to plan ahead. Results vary by region, but you'd be hard pressed to get the kit for a March show.

If the kit is NOT available, you'll get an offer to receive the collateral for free. DO IT! This is good fodder for your next mailing.


You will also receive an email pointing you to the following great resources:

- and More!


The bottom line is: If you have an event or marketing program in the works, send an email and see if the SBS Partner Event Kit can help you look better -- and close the sale!

Thanks, Mike.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hey, take a look at this. Sounds like Microsoft is accepting some responsibility for some past issues. I read all the way through this thing and don’t know if the guy is real, but it’s at least pretty interesting.


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