Sunday, March 30, 2008

SMB Conference Call Notes

If you've missed them, please check out the past SMB Conference Calls at

There you'll find interviews with

- Vlad Mazek: Own Web Now, Exchange Defender, etc.

- Naseem Saab: CRM for small businesses (making money on CRM that works)

- Jeff Middleton: SBS Migration, future of SBS

- Zenith Infotech: Getting the most out of Zenith

- Mike Iem and Arlin Sorensen: SMBTN confernce

- Harry Brelsford: SMB Nation, Response Point

- Matt Makowicz: Sales, sales, sales

- Erick Simpson: Managed Services and more

and the future calls we have coming up:

Amy Luby (April 2): MSPSN, Managed Services

Tcat Houser (April 16): Exam Certification Success

Dana Epp (May 7): Scorpion Software and Strong Security at an affordable price


Anyway, if you haven't checked it out yet, please visit the page and tune in to our next SMB Conference Call.

Thank you.

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