Saturday, February 09, 2008

SMBTN Summit, Zenith, and More

You may not have noticed, but I have trouble with quick blog posts. So we're gonna try that and see how it goes.

Three quick notes:

1) If you don't receive my email newletter, I think you should. I try not to cross-post stuff between the email and the blog. So that means you may not be getting information on upcoming conferences, seminars, and other events in the SMB space.

When we fired up the 300-line phone call with Matt last Wednesday, I mentioned that people should sign up for my newsletter if they weren't already. Ding ding ding. Six new sign-ups happened immediately. I'm not sure how they found the SMB Conference Call, but they did.

Any, try it. You can always un-subscribe.

2) Meet Mike Iem

My guest for the February 20th SMB Conference Call is Mike Iem. Mike is what you call a VBG -- Very Busy Guy. User group leaders know Mike because he coordinates the user group interface for Microsoft. He is the font of all knowledge about the Partner Group tour and forwards all kinds of information and offers our way so they can be distributed to the group.

For the last couple of years Mike has also been organizing SMBTN's SMB Summit. See

So mark your calendar for this SMB Conference Call. Mike will give us the low-down on programs for Centro, Cougar, growing your business, handling employees, making sales, etc., etc.

3) Getting the Most Out of Zenith Infotech

I mentioned several times in this blog that it's really important to use Zenith once you sign up. And I mentioned how much we like Zenith over Microsoft's horrible front-line tech support. Search for Zenith in the little search box above.

Anyway, I've gotten a lot of emails from people who want specifics. HOW do we use Zenith. How do we force them to give us great tech support? How do complete the feedback loop? How do we turn over important jobs to them.

So on February 27th Raymond Vrabel, Sr. Manager of Service Operations for Zenith Infotech will join us. And the topic is exactly what you've asked for: How can I use Zenith most effectively?

Email me your questions and I'll try to get them all in.

Be there.


Ah, shoot. That wasn't very short. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Hi Karl,

    I just found your blog for the first time tonight and have to say that you are providing some nice content.

    As far as Zenith goes I would suggest that they understand the SMB managed services space better than any provider out there. The services, price points, tools, and future plans they provide are a must have at this point for any MSP.

    I would also suggest that tools or a particular partner alone does not make an MSP successful and applaud your effort to connect your readers with Ray as a resource on how to be successful working with Zenith.

    Using your partners and your tools once you have made the investment in them is critically important to success!

    Josh Clifford


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