Monday, February 25, 2008

How Do I Get the Most Out of Zenith Infotech?

SMB Conference Call

February 27th
9:00 AM Pacific Time

with Zenith InfoTech

Raymond Vrabel
Maurice Saluan

How Do I Get the Most Out of Zenith Infotech?

I've mentioned several times in my blog that it's really important to use your tools once you buy them (or sign up).

So you might be wondering, HOW do you get the most out of Zenith Infotech once you sign up? How do you communicate and coordinate your tech support with their tech support? How do you complete the feedback loop? How do you turn over important jobs to them?

And if you're thinking about signing with Zenith, this should be a great insight into what you can expect.

Join us on February 27th. We'll be joined by

- Raymond Vrabel, Sr. Manager of Service Operations for Zenith Infotech.


- Maurice Saluan, Director of Channel Operations for Zenith Infotech.

They'll talk about how Zenith's tech support is organized. And they'll give some tips on How to get the most out of Zenith Infotech.

Email me your questions and I'll try to get them all in.

This will be a great call!

Mark Your Calendar Today!

Free to the first 300 callers. Others are out of luck!

Call info is here:

Join us.

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