Thursday, February 07, 2008

Matt and Harry on the SMB Conference Call

We had a great SMB Conference Call with Matt Makowicz yesterday.

Stay tuned to for the mp3 download.

There you'll also find links to Matt's Ambition Mission, his email, etc.


We announced two super deals in this call.

First, Matt and I are putting on a couple of awesome seminars this spring. Find out more at

The first awesome seminar is a pre-day event for SMBTN's amazing SMB Summit in Texas.

This deal is really too good to pass up.

You pay $99 for the seminar and you get $100 off the cost of SMB Summit! Really.

So, in addition to a seminar that is Guaranteed to make your business more profitable, you get a major discount on one of the hottest conferences of the year.

Check it out.

The Second deal is a great combo deal with Matt's Book, A Guide to SELLING Managed Services Faster, Easier, & for Greater Profit.

Matt has produced a Nine Hour MP3 that includes the entire book, plus additional stories and other material. This nine-hour audio program normally sells for $129. Matt's book normally sells for $99.

We've got the combo package right now for only $149.95. We ship the book and you download the MP3. Find out more at


Next up: Harry Brelsford!

Our next SMB Conference Call will be on Wednesday, February 13th with Harry Brelsford.

You all know Harry. Founder of SMB Nation, author of (14?) books for the SMB space. Conference organizer. Publisher. And on and on.

Harry will talk about what's new, what's next, and whatever comes up.

Our primary topic is the SMB Nation Conferences coming up in New York/New Jersey, Toronto, and Europe. We'll also discuss Response Point, which is central to the New York conference.

We'll have no problem filling an hour with this guy.

Join us. Find out more at

Mark you calendars!

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