Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feed the World -- with RSS

Just a quick technical note.

We have added an RSS feed to the SMB Conference Calls.

So, if you missed some old shows, or are just too lazy to click over to to get you mp3, you can now add the SMB Conference Call to your RSS aggregator.

The RSS feed link is

And, at Vlad's suggestion, I have added this to iTunes. Not sure how long it takes to get going there.


Technical Note: If you are having trouble getting RSS to work properly in Outlook, Relax. It's not you.

RSS doesn't work properly in Outlook.

For best results, see my good friend Chris Rue's advice:


If you don't know about the SMB Conference Call, then read all about it here. Basically, we interview some Super Stars in the SMB community and give you the latest and greatest info on what's coming up.

If you would like a bit of advance notice about happenings in the SMB community, and a calendar of the major events of the year, please sign up for my email newsletter.


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