Sunday, April 15, 2007

Consider Outsourcing

I hereby dub Mr. David Sobel of Evolve Technologies as King of Outsourcing.

We're all in the outsourcing business, right? Yeah. I send my payroll to ADP. Big deal.

Dave outsources payroll, human resources, business reviews, hiring processes, accounting, sales, public relations, marketing, AND their data center.

Does that make him an over-stretched sole propritor?

Uh. No. It makes Evolve Technologies a Gold Certified Partner and a finalist for Microsoft Sales and Marketing Partner of the Year for last year.

I caught up with Dave at the SMBTN Summit last month. I scooped all the knowledge out of his brain. And now it's posted on my Consulting Tips page at

Click on Consider Outsourcing.

Dave chose the picture!

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  1. I could not agree more with what David said. My client, NetPEO, is the country's largest Human Resource Outsourcing broker in the country, and it is amazing to me why more people don't realize the value of outsourcing. It can save time and money, and let entrepreneurs concentrate on what they are good at...not the time consuming, administrative junk.


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