Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Relax Focus Succeed(R) off to the the printers

It's off to the printers!

296 pages.

Relax Focus Succeed(R) by Karl W. Palachuk has been shipped off to the printers.

Unlike my briefer technology books that sell for more, this book is intended for a much wider audience. So the price is a mere $29.95.

I was talking to my wife about this book, and speculating about how many might sell. After pondering a bit, and considering distribution fees, cost of printing, etc. we concluded that it will never really make any money, no matter how many we sell.

So she asked the question "Then why are you doing it?"

I don't know, for sure, except that there's this thing inside of me. It's changed my life dramatically. And I have to tell people. So I do the Relax Focus Succeed(R) web site, and the newsletter.

And now I got the book.

So maybe that will be out of my system and I can move on.

All that might sound like P.R. and B.S., but it's true. You go write a 300 page book and see how you feel!

And now I'll wait for Vlad Mazek(tm) to email me and tell me I'm a consumate salesman (that's not the exact term he uses).

Anyway, tonight I ordered 1,000 copies printed.

The extremely utilitarian cover may be viewed at: http://www.relaxfocussucceed.com.

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