Friday, February 16, 2024

NEW - Version 4.0 of my Famous 68-Point Checklist

Karl’s Famous 68-Point Checklist – Version 4.0

Way back in 2005, I published the "68 Point Checklist" as a place for consultants to get started with network documentation and network assessments. This checklist is now famous. Well, at least it's Internet Famous. Google 68-point checklist and you'll find it! 

And now - I totally revised and update the checklist. So now you can get a Free download of Version 4.0  - Copyright 2024.

Over the years, the "famous" 68-point checklist has been used by thousands of IT Professionals to begin their network audits, provide monthly maintenance of client computers, and generally keep client computers tuned up and working great. Best of all, this checklist is FREE for the taking.

You can find it at

Best of all - You can use this checklist to create your own. there might be technologies you don't implement or support. Cross them off. You might specialize in something that only mentioned once in the checklist: Drill down.

As always, I offer up tools like this as a place to start. You need to edit and update to fit your business, your clients, your prospects, and your service offering. 

It's hard to edit a blank page. So here's a place to start.

This checklist will become the basis for your network analysis for new clients. That makes it a key component of your marketing process (see the video), and great fodder for a network report. Once someone signs a contract, you might install your remote monitoring tools and have great visibility into all of their network. But in a sales call, you don't have that.

The checklist also includes information you can't get from an RMM tool, like, "Why did you request this analysis?" and "Does the client have a copy of their documentation?"

NOTE: This is a major - and very detailed - update. It is a lot longer and will take longer to execute than Version 3.0. If you need a simpler version, you may wish to also download Version 3.0, also on our store site. 

No credit card required. 


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