Monday, February 05, 2024

Free Give-Away to all IT Consultants

We bought some great blankets to promote the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community - and we want YOU to have one!

I just posted a video announcing the details. View on this page:

I keep this in my car trunk, just in case there's an emergency picnic. Or if I need to kneel in the mud. Or if I drive by a tempting beach near sunset.

It's soft and fleecey. Pretty good size. And waterproof.

What's the Catch?

Yes, of course there's a catch. You need to agree to let us put you on the Small Biz Thoughts newsletter and the Relax Focus Succeed newsletter. We *think* you'll love them both and want to stay forever. 

The SBT newsletter comes out every Monday and is focused on helping IT consultants to be better at the business side of business. It has an extremely high open rate - not just for our industry but for email newsletters as a whole. There must be something useful in there.

The RFS newsletter is monthly and tries to be educational with my personal philosophy of Relax Focus Succeed. It's all about work/life balance and focusing on self-help and self-improvement. It also enjoys an extraordinary open rate.

That's MyCat Palachuk on the soft blanket.

Note: You can remove yourself from the list once you join. We use Constant Contact for our email lists, so if you remove yourself, we can't add you back. And we will never, ever, ever sell, loan, or rent your email address.

This offer is only valid in the US because overseas shipping, taxes, and customs fees will just make you angry. Sorry.

You may receive ONE blanket under this offer. If you want another, wait to see if we offer this again.

More details and FAQ inside the video. Check out the page for all the details - and the form you need to fill out to get your blanket.

Thank you for your support!


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