Monday, February 26, 2024

Leap Day Say - One Day Only - Save 29% off Everything

Maybe I'm not very creative - but that's okay because YOU can save 29% off everything at our store on February 29th.

I thought about limiting my promotion to expensive stuff, or downloads only, or up to a certain amount. But I'm a big believer in simplicity.

So, we're holding a sale and the only rules are:

1) To take advantage of it, you need to browse to

2) On February 29th you'll see a code that takes your purchase price to 29% off your entire order.

3) The sale is on a timer, and I live in the Pacific Time Zone.

You can browse the store now, of course, and even fill up your shopping cart. Don't forget to come back and finish the sales on Thursday.

I recommend you set yourself a reminder. This .ICS file might be helpful:

What Will You Find?

Great resources for IT Consultants! Authors include Erick Simpson, Manuel Palachuk Amy Babinchak, Debbie Leoni, Jenifer Novak Landers, Dana Goulston, plus me (Karl Palachuk). When no author is lists, the book or resource is by me.

Titles Include:

  • Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery, The 
  • Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER! (Erick Simpson)
  • Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER! (Erick Simpson)
  • Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER! (Erick Simpson)
  • Business Plan Worksheets – Free
  • Cleaning Up Your Email (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Cloud Services in a Month
  • Core Competency Matrix (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Culture and Compass: Cultivate a Successful Environment (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Five Tools That Could Transform Your Company Overnight (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Fully Expressed Living (Jenifer Novak Landers)
  • Getting to the Next Level (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice (Erick Simpson)
  • How To Build A Valuable Local LinkedIn Network (Amy Babinchak)
  • How To Document Any Process (Manuel Palachuk)
  • How to Hold a Hugely Successful Event (Amy Babinchak)
  • I Am Fearless (Debbie Leoni)
  • Karl’s Cloud Readiness Checklist – Free
  • Karl’s FAMOUS 68-Point Checklist - Free
  • Managed Services in a Month – 3rd Edition
  • Managed Services Operations Manual – 4 Volume Set
  • Meditating with Pebbles Audio – Free
  • Most Important Documents Every Company Must Have (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Network Documentation Workbook Ebook
  • Network Migration Workbook – 2nd ed. (Karl W. Palachuk and Manuel Palachuk)
  • Process Control for the IT Industry (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Project Management for Small Business Consultants (Dana Goulston and Karl W. Palachuk)
  • Quick Start Guided Meditation – Free
  • Quote Me On This: The Wit and Wisdom of Coleman Cox
  • Relax Focus Succeed – Revised Edition
  • Relax Focus Succeed | An Audio Introduction – Free
  • RFS Sample Chapter – Workaholism – Free
  • Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Ed.
  • Small Biz Quickstart Workbook
  • SOP: Monthly Maintenance Checklist
  • Standards & Procedures Seed Document (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Successes that Happened without any Effort 
  • Taking Your Business to Version 3.0 and Beyond (Manuel Palachuk)
  • Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Service Ticket Systems Training Webinar (Manuel Palachuk)
  • The IT Consultant’s Year of Intention
  • Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time Whitepaper (Manuel Palachuk)

PLUS there are bundles - so you'll save even more. The bundles are good any time. But when you take off another 29%, they awesome.

Note to Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community Members: You already have access to ALL of my books and white papers inside the Community. They are free in all e-formats. What you will find in our store includes 1) Paperback books, and 2) books and white papers by other authors.

All Community members can find a huge discount code for the store anytime among your regular discounts at It's not quite 29%, but it's pretty good. 

Please join us for the big sale - February 29th!


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