Friday, August 11, 2023

Appeal for Community Member Uli Kirkegaard

 Sometimes we - as a community - need to support one of our own.

I have a habit of sending $100 to the Red Cross or another organization when there's a big natural disaster. But this time, with the insane fires on Maui, I contributed to a long-time community member who lost both his house and business to the fires in Lahaina.

Many of you know, or at least you've seen, Uli Kirkegaard from various SMB IT community events over the years. 

Uli did not ask me to post this. But I highly encourage you to contribute to his Go Fund Me account.

Uli and his wife Neide live in Lahaina, HI. They both survived the fires - but their house did not. As Uli posted, he can rebuild the business. But in losing the house, they literally lost everything. The pictures he posted on Facebook are heart breaking. Absolutely everything is gone.

This is a picture of his "house" in Lahaina.

Please note: ANY small amount will help.

You might not be in a place where you can give much. But $25 or $50 or $100 would help a lot. If everyone who reads this give a little, it will add up quickly.

Please contribute something at

As you know, I basically never write a post like this. And I would love to never feel like I need to do it again. But here's the deal:

We are a community. We - the SMB IT community - are made up of individuals. We are a family, and sometimes we need to help each other out. If you've shared a meal, or a drink, or a smile with Uli, please take a minute to drop him a note on the Go Fund Me page or Facebook. And contribute a little something if you can.

And if you have some spare prayers for the people of Maui, contribute those as well.

Be safe, my friends!


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