Friday, June 30, 2023

Major TCP/IP Training July 5th - Members Register

Bring Your Team Up To Speed on TCP/IP and DNS!

I won't repeat the previous blog post here.

This note is for members of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. ALL of the resources mentioned here are members-only. Please start by logging into your account at

The big push to make sure everyone on your team has a basic, fundamental understanding of DNS, TCP/IP, Troubleshooting, and Documentation of these things begins Wednesday, July 5th.

Already in the Community:

DNS Training: What You Need to Know - A Primer for IT Service Providers

Next Up:

Understanding TCP/IP - A Very Practical Introduction

Live July 5th
9:00 AM Pacific

Of course it will be recorded for all members.

Members can find out more and register here:

Note: If you're going to attend, PLEASE register now, go to the Member Resources page, and click the link to download the slides. You will want to print them out and have them in front of you as we go through the class. I think you'll take lots of notes.

Note, also, that true newbies will want to watch the recording at .75x speed - and maybe more than once. 

We are scheduled for 60 minutes, but we'll go as long as we need to for Q&A.

-- -- -- 

Also mark your calendar and make sure you're registered for these workshops:

TCP/IP Troubleshooting - A Very Practical Workshop

July 26th
9:00 AM Pacific

Members register at:

Building the Basic Small Business Network - A Very Practical Workshop

August 16th
9:00 Pacific

Members register at:

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If you miss some or all of this, don't worry. We're building a Roadmap post that will include all of these pieces, plus all the handouts, documentation forms, checklists, etc. Stay tuned to the Community news at

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Some folks have asked how to get access to these great sessions without being a member of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. I have to say, there is no way. You need to be a member. Our membership is guaranteed to have a real value in excess of $10,000 just for the training available to members. PLUS all of my books, all of the community resources.

Consider joining today. There is a one-year commitment of $1,299 - but I promise you will get much more value than that if you simply take some classes and apply yourself.

Details here:


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